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Turfgrass Sod, Sprigs, or Plugs; Dried Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes, or Tubers; Mushrooms; Greenhouse Produced Food Crops; Transplants for Commercial Production; Vegetable Seeds; Flower Seeds; Aquatic Plants; Cut Christmas Trees; Short Term Woody Crops, and Tobacco Transplants Sold for the United States: 1998

Foliage Plants Sold for the United States - Pots: 1998

Annual Bedding/Garden Plants Sold for the United States - Flats: 1998

Aquaculture Products Distributed for Restoration or Conservation Purposes by Species: 1998

Aquaculture Product Sales Produced Under Cooperative Agreements or Contracts:1998

Aquaculture Products - Percent of Sales by Point of First Sale: 1998

Other Animal Aquaculture and Algae and Sea Vegetable Sales by Type: 1998

Mollusk Sales, Including Seed Stock, by Species: 1998

Crustacean Sales by Species: 1998

Other Fish Sales: 1998

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