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Volume: Volume 1: Reports For States, With Statistics For Counties And A Summary For The United States

Instructions and schedule for the Census of Agriculture, 1925

Cooperative marketing - Value of farm products sold and of supplies purchased, with number of farms reporting, by tenure: 1924

Acreage in farms, acreage in crop land harvested, value of farm land and buildings, and value of farm buildings, by size of farm: 1925

Number of farms reporting specified crops, woodland burned over, and firewood cut, 1924, specified classes of livestock, 1925, and woodland cleared, 1920 - 1924; with number of cords of wood cut and acreage of woodland burned over and cleared

Farm population by age, sex, color, and tenure: 1925

Value of crops and acreage and production of principal crops: 1924

Livestock on farms, January 1, 1925; and livestock products, 1924 and 1919

Farm values, mortgage debt, and miscellaneous items: 1925, 1920, and 1910

Supplemental - Farmers, by color and tenure, and farms operated by croppers, for the Southern States: 1925

Farms and farm acreage: 1925, 1920, and 1910

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