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Volume: Volume 3: Irrigation Of Agricultural Lands


Organizations reporting quantities of irrigation water delivered direct to farms and to other organizations, 1959 and 1949; for uses other than irrigation, 1959; and average quantity of water delivered to farms per acre of irrigated land, 1959, 1949, and 1939

Number of irrigation organizations, type of service, new capital investment, and water conveyed, by size of organization: Census of 1959

Number and characteristics of irrigation organizations by type of organization, by size of organizations, and new capital investment: Censuses of 1959 and 1950

Number of organizations classified by number of farms provided with water: 1959 and 1949

Number and characteristics of irrigation organizations, by type of organization, type of service, quantity of water delivered per acre, and size of organizations, by States: Censuses of 1959 and 1950

Organizations reporting by type of service to water users and acre-feet delivered: 1959

Capital investment in irrigation organizations, 1959, 1950, and 1940; and new capital investment, 1940 to 1959

Land irrigated by source of water, by States: Census of 1959

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