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Year: 1940


Farms reporting and value of farm products sold, traded, or used by farm households, classified by major source of income, 1939; and by type of farm, 1939

Value of specified livestock on farms, 1910 to 1940; and value of specified livestock products and crops harvested, 1909 to 1939

Small fruits, tree fruits, grapes, nuts, maple sirup and sugar, 1909 to 1939; land in tree fruits, grapes, and planted nut trees, with number of trees and vines, 1910 to 1940

Vegetables harvested for sale, farm gardens, and horticultural specialties: 1909 to 1939

Annual legumes, clover and grass seeds, and miscellaneous crops harvested: 1909 to 1939

Pigeons, pheasants, and quail on farms, Apr. 1, 1940, and number raised, 1939; and silver fox and mink kept in captivity, Apr. 1, 1940, and pelts taken, 1939

Goats and kids on farms and ranches, 1910 to 1940; mohair clipped and goats milked, and animals butchered, 1909 to 1939

Number of farms, farm acreage, and farm value, by race of operator: 1910 to 1940

Specified farm machinery and facilities, by tenure of operator: 1940, 1930, and 1920

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