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Small fruits harvested, 1939; land in tree fruits, nuts, and grapes, 1940, 1935, and 1930; orchard, citrus, and nut trees and grapevines, 1940, with production, 1939; and maple sirup and sugar made, 1939; by Divisions and States

Crops from irrigated and nonirrigated acreage - Farms reporting, acreage, and comparative yields for specified crops harvested, 1939, for 19 States

Acreage and production of annual legumes, 1939 and 1934; and clover and grass seeds, 1939; by Divisions and States

Vegetables harvested for sale, 1939, 1934, and 1929; value of farm garden vegetables, 1939 and 1934; and horticultural specialties, 1939; by Divisions and States

Pigeons, pheasants, quail, and unspecified poultry on farms, Apr. 1, 1940 and number raised in 1939, by States

Silver fox and mink kept in captivity, Apr. 1, 1940 and plts taken in 1939, by States

Cooperative selling and purchasing and farm expenditures, 1939; farm labor for a specified week of 1939 and of 1940; and farm machinery and facilities, Apr. 1, 1940; by Divisions and States

Goats and kids, Apr. 1, 1940 and 1930, and Jan. 1, 1935; mohair clipped, 1939 and 1934; and goats milked, farm slaughter, and purchases and sales of livestock, 1939; by Divisions and States

Farm mortgage debt, Apr. 1, 1940; and farm taxes levied in 1939; by Divisions and States

Work off farm, 1939 and 1934; and age, year of occupancy, and residence of farm operator, Apr. 1, 1940; by Divisions and States

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