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Heading: Value Of Farms And Farm Expenditures

64A-M103 Ratio of regular workers to farm operators, 1964

64A-M102 Regular hired farm workers, 1964

64A-M40 Farms reporting regular hired workers (150 days or more), 1964

64A-M101 Expenditures for hired labor on farms, 1964

64A-M39 Expenditures for hired labor on farms, county basis, 1964

64A-M37 Expenditures for gasoline and other petroleum products, 1964

64A-M38 Expenditures for machine hire, customs, and contract work, 1964

64A-M36 Expenditures for fertilizer and fertilizing materials, 1964

64A-M34 Average value of land and buildings per farm, 1964

64A-M35 Expenditures for feed for livestock and poultry, 1964

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