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2. Introduction

1. Establishments and Sales of Commodity Groups by Value of Sales

2. Establishments and Sales by Kind of Business and Value of Sales

3. Labor by Kind of Business

4. Establishments and Sales by Kind of Business and Type of Ownership

5. Selected Production Expenses by Kind of Business

6. Selected Production Expenses by Value of Sales

7. Structures, Land Area Use, and Irrigation by Kind of Business

8. Structures, Land Area Use, and Irrigation by Value of Sales

9. Potted Flowering Plants

10. Cut Flowers

11. Unfinished Stock

12. Cut Cultivated Greens

13. Bedding Plants

14. Foliage Plants

15. Nursery Products

16. Vegetable Seeds, Vegetables, Flower Seeds, Sod, Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes, and Cultivated Mushrooms

17. Sales

18. Establishments and Sales by Value of Sales and Kind of Business

19. Establishments, Sales, and Value of Land and Buildings and Machinery and Equipment, by Type of Ownership

20. Selected Production Expenses

21. Energy Expenses

22. Hired Labor

23. Land, Structures, and Equipment: 1979

24. Land Area Irrigated

31. Sod

32. Bulbs, Corms, or Rhizomes

33. Cultivated Mushrooms

35. Nursery Products - Lining-out Stock

36. Nursery Products - Environmental Plants, Fruit and Nut Trees, Grapevines, and Small Fruit Plants

37. Vegetable Seeds

38. Vegetables Grown Under Protection

39. Flower Seeds

40. Hawaii - Selected Items

41. Sales and Labor of Horticultural Specialties

51. Total Nursery Products

54. Vegetables Grown Under Glass or Other Protection

1. Appendixes