1. Contents of Volume, Letter of Transmittal, Title Page, Table of Contents, Remarks on the Statistics of Agriculture

1. Tables 1-5

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1. Cereal Production

2. General Statistics of Cereal Production in the United States (Tables 1-15); Distribution of Cereal Production in Accordance with Geographical, Physical, and Climatic Features; History of Cereals; Physical and Chemical Characteristics (Table 24)

3. Physical and Chemical Characteristics-continued (Table 25); Cost and Methods of Production (Tables 26-27)

4. Wheat (Tables 28-47)

5. Indian Corn (Tables 48-58); Oats (Tables 59-67)

6. Barley (Tables 68-75); Rye (Tables 76-77); Buckwheat (Table 78); Detailed Statement of Cereal Production; History of Agriculture

7. History of American Agriculture; Facts and Conditions Pertaining to Cereal Productions; Relations of Cereal Production to Live-Stock Growing; The Movement of Grain; Distribution of the Principal Cereals by Latitude and Longitude; Index

1. Note, Table of Contents, Letter of Transmittal, Introduction, Present Process, The Old Process, The New Process, The Gradual-Reduction Process, The Washburn A Mill, The Pillsbury A Mill, Recapitulation, Index; Report on the Culture and Curing of Tobacco, Table of Contents, Letter of Transmittal, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

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5. Chapter 17-21, Index

1. Table of Contents, Letter of Transmittal, Chapters 1-6, Index

1. Table of Contents, Introduction, Pasture and Forage Plants, Texas, New Mexico Territory, Indian Territory, Kansas, Colorado

2. Nebraska, Wyoming Territory, Dakota Territory, Montana Territory, California, Arizona Territory

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3. Nevada, Utah Territory, Oregon, Washington Territory, Idaho Territory, Florida, General Statistics

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1. Index, Index to Volume on Agriculture