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Heading: Summary For The 17 Western States And Arkansas And Louisiana (Section C)

Specified crops grown on irrigated and nonirrigated lands - Farms reporting and average yields, 1939; and acreages, 1939 and 1929; by States

Irrigated farms and tenure of farm operators, 1940 and 1930; irrigated area, 1939, 1929, and 1919; irrigable area and capital invested, 1940, 1930, and 1920; maintenance and operation, charges, and indebtedness, 1939 and 1929; and in irrigated farms, 1940; water delivered to irrigators and drainage of irrigated land, 1939

Farm values, 1940; enterprises and irrigation works, 1940, 1930, and 1920; and pay roll and number of employees, 1939

Drainage basin - area irrigated, 1939, 1929, 1919; capital invested and irrigable area, 1940, 1930, 1920; and irrigated units, maintenance and operation, charges, indebtedness, water delivered to irrigators, and drainage or irrigated land, 1939

Enterprises, area irrigated, capital invested, maintenance and operation, charges, indebtedness, and arrearage, type of enterprise, pay roll, number of employees, and source of water supply; by specified groups of irrigated units, areas irrigated, and cost of works: Census of 1940

Area within irrigation enterprises for which drains have been installed, and additional area in need of drainage: 1940, 1930, and 1920

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