1. Title Page, Letter of Transmittal, and Table of Contents

2. Introduction

3. Chapter I-Farms and Farm Property

4. Chapter II-Size on Farms

5. Chapter III-Statistics by Color and Tenure of Farm Operation

6. Chapter IV-Statistics by Race of Farm Operator

7. Chapter V-Farm Operators by Age Number of Years on Farm

8. Chapter VI-Farm Mortgages and Farm Taxes

9. Chapter VII-Selected Farm Expenditures, Cooperative Marketing and Purchasing

10. Chapter VIII-Livestock on Farms

11. Chapter IX-Livestock Products

12. Chapter X-Summary for All Groups

13. Chapter XI-Individual Crops

14. Chapter XII-Fruits and Nuts

15. Chapter XIII-Forest Products Cut on Farms and Nurseries and Greenhouse; Chapter XIV-Type of Fram

16. Appendix

17. Index