1. Introduction

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1. Introduction


1. The Agriculture Questionnaire (Form A1)

2. Enumeration starting dates, by areas: 1954 Census of Agriculture

1. Introduction


1. Field organization chart

2. Flow chart of reporting system for enumeration work

3. Selection aid for enumerators (Pers. 165 Form B)

4. The portfolio

5. Letter accompanying self-mailer, A1, Agriculture Questionnaire

6. Address label, self-mailer A1 Agriculture Questionnaire

7. A2 listing form

8. A3 Landlord-Tenant Questionnaire

9. A2 listing form (illustrative example)

10. Reduced facsimile of enumerator's map

11. Map for checking enumeration of farms in specified township and range survey areas (Form FA-100)

12. Record of production and trave (Form FA-3)

13. Enumerator's daily report (Form FA-7)

14. Record of telephone calls and road, bridge, and ferry tolls (Form FA-4)

15. Enumerator's record A2 listings requiring crew leader action (Form FA-5)

16. Enumerator's callback record (Form FA-6)

17. Crew leader's daily activity report (Form FA-18)

18. Record of enumerator (Form FA-17)

19. Record of portfolio review (Form FA-91)

20. Coverage evaluation by ED's (Form FA-88)

21. Crew leader authorization for enumerator recruitment and record of piece rates and mileage allowances, 1954 Agriculture Census (Form FA-32)

1. Introduction


1. Organization chart - Central Operations Office

2. View of Interior of Central Operations Office, Pittsburg, Kans

3. Portfolio cover - A1 Agriculture Questionnaire

4. Reference note (Form 2-36). Used for referring questions for technical review

5. Verification record (Form 2-43). For recording errors for editing and coding

6. Punch cards used for the 1954 Census of Agriculture

7. IBM type 024 Punching Machine

8. C cards punched per hour by weeks of experience, Pittsburg Operations Office

9. H cards punched per hour by weeks of experience, Detroit Operations Office

10. Machine used for verifying punched cards

11. IBM type 077 collator

12. IBM type 082 sorting machine

13. IBM type 101 counting and tabulating machine

14. IBM type 402 tabulating machine

15. IBM type 407 accounting machine

16. IBM type 514 reproducing, gang-punching, summary punch machine

17. Census machine 487 and 489, multi-column sorter and unit tabulator

18. Census machine 488, multi-column sorter

19. Census machine 581, unit tabulator

20. Census machine 582, multi-column sorter and unit tabulator

21. Illustrative example of wiring diagram, type 101, control panel

22. Illustrative example of wiring diagram, type 402-403, control panel

23. Illustrative example of wiring diagram, type 407, control panel

24. Illustrative example of wiring diagram, unit counter 101

25. Test decks of cards used to discover tabulating machine errors

26. Evaluation program - Location 319 counties comprising sample used in evaluating completeness of enumeration

27. Aerial view with sample segment delineated

1. Appendixes